Meet Our Scholars

David Jase Wells

Hello, my name is Jase Wells I am 11 years old. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. I also love to hunt and fish with my Dad, as well as kayaking with my family! I am on the Academic team at Stinnett Elementary and I compete in Quick Recall as well as Future Problem Solving. This past year my FPS team competed in the Sixth Grade Showcase State competition. My favorite subject is science, I make good grades in all subjects, but that would not be possible without my Mom and Dad pushing me to do my best! I am super excited to attend the University of Kentucky! My dream is to go to medical school and become a general doctor. I have dreamed of being a doctor, practicing in Leslie County since I was very small. I REALLY want to offer quality healthcare to the people in my hometown! As a Kloepfer Scholar, I know I can achieve anything, and now ALL my dreams are well within my reach! I am super thankful and I feel so blessed to have been chosen for this opportunity! I am so excited for my future! My mom has ALWAYS told me to “DREAM BIG and Trust God” when you do these two things NOTHING is impossible!

Tayton “Isaac” Douglas Owens

My name is Tayton Isaac Douglas Owens but everybody calls me Isaac. I am so excited and grateful that I am a part of the Kloepfer family now. I was recently awarded a scholarship from the Kloepfer family Founda@on that is going to allow me to have a great future, pursue my dreams and hopefully find a career that not only provides for my family but that I will enjoy and that will give me purpose. I really enjoy classical music and currently am learning how to play piano, violin, and mandolin while composing some for piano. Though I love music a lot , I also am very interested in engineering and I really like understanding how things work. I love to read and collect old books, while some@mes I go with my mom to pick "new" old books out from different places. I love to play chess and though I am s@ll a beginner I feel that I am understanding beGer how it can relate to actual life situa@ons. I am very interested in learning different languages, even fic@onal ones but mostly ones that will help me to communicate with people. I am s@ll new to the Kloepfer family but I am very excited for my future with them and have felt from the start that they are very friendly, honest, and fair people which are quali@es that I want people to see in me. I look forward to my journey with them.

Robert Warrener Kilburn

I enjoy playing football and basketball, and playing the guitar. My favorite subject in school is science because I'm interested in learning about medical topics including medicine. I want to become a doctor when I grow up. Receiving this scholarship and opportunity to attend UK excites my competitive nature and desire to do well in high school and college.  Knowing I will get help in school to succeed and the scholarship program will keep me motivated. Meeting other people and coming out of my shell of being bashful is something I look forward to.

Adrieonia France

Hello My Name is Adrieonia France and I am organized and take pride in trying to do my best in everything. As a Kloepfer Scholar I have learned that you can dream of doing things that before you would never have imagined. My favorite subjects are social studies and writing. In my career I would like to become a creative writer because it is something I love doing. I am excited about being a student at the University of Kentucky and looking forward to living on campus and taking classes that revolve around my future career. My most memorable moment has been visiting Boston and learning about all of the interesting history.

Thomas Saylor

Hello My Name is Thomas Saylor and I enjoy a lot of different activities.  Some of these activities are sports and hunting.  As a Kloepfer Scholar I have learned that it takes hard work and responsibility to maintain good grades.  My favorite subjects are social studies and math.  My career choice is to become a lawyer because I like to argue and I can think of reasons quickly.  Being a lawyer also pays well which I look forward to having a good paying job in life.   I am excited about being a student at the University of Kentucky and getting to watch the UK Wildcats.  Also, know that I don’t have to worry about paying for my college education excites me.  My most memorable time as a Kloepfer Scholar has been the Boston Harbor cruse.  The Boston trip and flying on an airplane was really fun and I had a great time.

Noah Baker

Hello My Name is Noah Baker and I enjoy playing music on my saxophone. As a Kloepfer Scholar I have learned that college isn’t just fun and games and involves hard work. My favorite subjects are math and science. My career interest is Biochemistry. The reason is that I want to make a difference in the world for the greater good of mankind. Since being selected as a Kloepfer Scholar, I have learned about the University Of Kentucky College Of Engineering and looking forward to living on campus in the new dorms.  My most memorable moment has been visiting Boston and going to a Boston Red Sox game.

McKenzie Bell

Hello My Name is McKenzie Bell and I enjoy writing. As a Kloepfer Scholar I have learned that preparing for college starts a lot earlier than your senior year.  My favorite subjects are social studies and math. My career choice is in the area of graphic design. I think I would like to teach in college and be a professor of graphic design. I am excited about being a student at the University of Kentucky and getting to see everything UK has to offer. My most memorable time as a Kloepfer Scholar has been visiting campus and walking around seeing all of the buildings and classrooms.

Dylan Caldwell

Hello My Name is Dylan Caldwell and I enjoy helping people and coming up with new concepts on how to use technology. As a Kloepfer Scholar I have enjoyed visiting other states and seeing all of the diversity.  My favorite subjects are science and social studies. My career interest is in the area of Biotechnology or bioengineering. Since being selected as the first Kloepfer Scholar, I have learned there are many career options available in this area including biomedical engineering, biomanufacturing, and I am looking forward to my college career.

Madison Wilson

Hello My Name is Madison Wilson and I enjoy helping people and being there for my friends. As a Kloepfer Scholar I have learned how important school is and how much it affects your life and future. My favorite subjects are reading, health, and writing. My career interest is in the area of medicine.  Since being selected as a Kloepfer Scholar, my eyes have been opened to new ideas including what it is going to be like living on a campus and meeting new people. I have enjoyed the trips to Boston and Washington DC and look forward to other new opportunities.

Tesha Bowling

I’m Tesha Bowling. I am a 11-year-old 6th grader who attends Mountain View Elementary in Hyden, Kentucky. My favorite subjects in school are reading, writing, social studies, and science. In school, I most enjoy hanging out with friends. But, when I am out of school for the weekend or for summer break, I enjoy 4-wheeler riding with friends and family, and swimming. I also enjoy crafting in my free time. For example, I made a horse out of pipe cleaners for my friend, Audrey, last Christmas. I also love riding and caring for horses as well. Singing and dancing is one of my most favorite things to do too. My favorite types of songs is dance and country. Along with the occasional rap and hip hop.

When I grow up and become an adult, I want to be a veterinarian. I have been wanting to be a vet since I was 4 years old. The main reason that I wanted to become a vet is because I love all animals and think it is wrong for them to suffer without a chance to heal and be healthy again.And because of that, me and Audrey decided that we was going to open a veterinary office that helps both domestic and wild animals. I currently own a mini pot belly pig and a dog. I also have had 10 species of pets, (dogs, a pig, a duck, chickens, horses, hamsters, rabbits, goldfish, a bird, and a cat). It’s a lot of fun to take care of non-traditional pets.

Shayley Lynneah Madden

My family has a lot of animals.  We have one horse, four dogs, two puppies and one cat.  I love history because I get to learn about our own culture and how the Native Americans lived.  I also love history because I have an awesome teacher.  Another subject I like is math.  I love math because we do division.  It is really fun.  Another subject I like is science.  I like science because you can experiment with things and also make a hypothesis like “I have a hypothesis that plants move.”  It’s really fun so that's why I like science.  I love music and I love to sing.  My dream is to go to college and maybe become a nurse.  I want to help people.  I love school so that's why i want to go to college.